Virtual ETW2021 video contest

Dear ETW2021 attendee,

The essence of the European Testis Workshop is the interaction among all attendees. Indeed, we are sure that probably most of you, when receiving this email, have in mind the gala dinner in which people from the different countries make a short performance to liven up the after-dinner. Since none of us want to miss this tradition, we are proud to announce the, for the very first time, “virtual ETW2021 contest”!   

What does this contest consist of?  

You should send us your video with your best show to entertain the audience! You can do it together with your labmates, or even individually. The most important point is to let your imagination run wild to bring us the most original performance. Videos will be available during the ETW2021 and all the attendees will have the chance to take part in the selection of the favourite ones. The winners will be announced at the end of the event. Exciting awards are waiting!  

What kind of performance is the proper one?  

As in a face-to-face ETW, this is totally up to you! All kind of shows fits the ETW2021 contest. We all remember the original songs from our German colleagues, the comedy shows from UK, the dances from France or the Spanish limbo. You can act, dance, sing… whatever it comes up to your mind! You can use this video  as inspiration. But, if you prefer, you can also adapt to the pandemic trends and provide your own scientific version of some of the most viral challenges from TikTok and Instagram reels. For instance, have you ever made a mess while doing your experiment? Show it to us with the “Oh no! challenge (example 1) . You can also show us that typical day in the lab in which everything ends up with unexpected events (example 2) Or maybe you want to tell us that you are a scientist without telling you are a scientist!   (example 3) Join your lab colleagues, use your imagination and spend a funny time together!

Some rules to follow:  

  • Videos’ length about 15 to 60 seconds   
  • Preferentially landscape, but portrait format is also allowed.  
  • More than one video per person/group/lab are allowed.

Please send us your entertainment/funny video for the contest as a download link (or as an attachment if its size allows it) to the following email address before the start of the 21st ETW:

We are looking forward to seeing how you handle the ETW2021 contest!

The ETW2021 Organizing Committee