Miniposters submission process  is now closed. Thank you for your interest

Miniposters must follow the guidelines indicated below.

  • Submitted miniposters will be evaluated by the Local Scientific Committee, and applicants informed of acceptance in due course.
  • Miniposters will only be considered for presentation and included in the final programme upon confirmation of the presenter's registration.
  • Each participant can only submit one miniposter as a presenter. However, this does not limit the submission as co-authors of miniposters (rules for formatting presented below apply to both cases).
  • All miniposters will be presented as prerecorded 3-minute presentations (maximum of 6 slides, including acknowledgments, that should be delivered to the organization by April 30th, 2021). In addition, all miniposter presenters will participate in synchronous global discussion session in the corresponding e-Miniposter topic discussion session during the workshop.
  • Among the submitted  miniposters, 35 will be selected for a 15-minute (10 min talk + 5 min discussion) oral presentation and the authors will be notified by e-mail. Selection will be made by the local scientific committee.
  • For previously registered participants there will be the possibility to update their miniposters until the extended deadline of March 29th, 2021. If this is the case, please contact the technical secretariat.

Guidelines for miniposters submission (please follow this guidelines estrictly):

- Page layout set to A4 (210x297 mm), margins with 1cm minimum (PDF format).

- PDF file with a recommended size of 1Mb.

- Minimum font-size accepted: 9

- Miniposters should include the following information:

  • main sections: (1) Introduction/background; (2) Methodologies; (3) Results; (4) Discussion; References are not mandatory but can be included.
  • Contact Email of the presenting author and corresponding author.
  • Authors' names should be formatted as follows: Last name, First name (e.g: Jodar, Meritxell; Castillo, Judit; Barrachina, Ferran; de la Iglesia, Alberto; Mayorga-Torres, Jose Manuel; Ballescà, Jose Luis; Oliva, Rafael). Lower cases should be used, except for the first letter in the name. The name of the presenting author should be underlined. The formatting should be consistent when the same author is present in different posters.
  • Affiliation should be included following the author's name (Institute/Center/University) and appropriate logos can be used.
  • The inclusion of color figures and tables is strongly encouraged.

NOTE: We strongly advise you to use light colors in the background.