Miniposters talks

  • Selected miniposters (10 + 5 min presentation): Selected miniposters, according to scientific quality and topic, will be presented in a 10-min talk with 5 min for discussion. The presentations will be held in a live format, while a pre-recorded version of the talk will be available as a backup in case of any kind of unforeseen connection issue during the live session.
  • Short miniposters talks (3 + 3 min presentation): Short miniposters talks will consist in a 3-min  pre-recorded presentation with 3 min for discussion. During the ETW2021 meeting, the 3-min pre-recorded presentations will be shared at the time indicated in the last version of the program, while the Q&A session will be held in a live format. In addition, pre-recorded miniposters will be available for viewing during the entire meeting.
  • All the accepted Miniposters will be available at the Miniposters Gallery of the ETW2021 Online Platform, as well as in the Miniposter book, to be consulted at any time during the meeting.

Power-point preparation and recording

  • The miniposters talks will consist on power point presentations of either 10 min (Selected miniposters) or 3 min (Short miniposters talks). When preparing your presentation, take into consideration the following indications:
    • Use PowerPoint or similar
    • Control the time of your presentation and adapt the number of the powerpoint slides to the given time. Time control is extremely important for the optimal progression of the ETW2021.
    • There is no compulsory official background to be used
    • The size of the slides should be 16:9
    • On the first slide should appear the following information:  Title of the Presentation + Name and Surname + Full Affiliation.
  •  Presenters are recommended to choose a quite spot with soft lighting coming from behind the camera, as well as to attach to the available time for their talks.
  • Information and tips about presentation recording and submission have been sent by e-mail to all presenting authors. In case you have any doubt or you have not received any information, please contact the ETW2021 Technical Secretariat at
  • The deadline to upload your presentation is May 10, 2021